My Little Floor Plan

Organization of space is the key to living little. Working through the floor plan by far was the most fun part of designing my tiny house. When you dissect a home to the necessities, you realize you don’t need much. Let’s walk through my 250 square foot little space.



My “front” door is a six-foot wide sliding door. I chose to do a sliding door because of the flexibility with the two panels. If I need a six-foot wide opening to move a couch, the door panels could be removed to make it possible. Also the two panels are glass to bring in a lot of natural light.


My living space has multiple functions. It’s living, a guest bedroom, my main storage area, and dining area. The space is large enough to have a pull out couch so if I ever had a visitor, they’d have a place to sleep. A unique feature of this space is it’s elevated. The living space is built on a stage type platform that will have storage underneath. The first rectangle you see closest to the entry is the step up to the living space. The long small rectangle is a half height wall that houses a fold down table and is the access to the storage. I just lift the panel when I need the table for eating, crafting, or working.


My kitchenette set up runs along the opposite wall of my entry. I have past posts specifically about the kitchen. Feel free to check them out here!


The bathroom houses my shower, washing machine, and compostable toilet. Yes, compost toilet. I will dedicate a whole post to just this subject, but in short, it’s one of way to simplify plumbing and avoid sewage connection. The washing machine will be encased to create a counter top where I will get ready in the morning. You’ll notice there isn’t a dryer. To reduce my energy consumption, I’m going to hang dry my clothes. In Europe we didn’t have a dryer and now I still hang most of my clothes to air dry. There also isn’t a sink in the bathroom. A tiny home doesn’t need two sinks. That’s a waste of space and expense. So, the only sink to use is in the kitchenette.


Underneath the stairs going up to my loft will be a full closet with shelves and a closet rod. I’ll keep all my clothing and shoes in there, which means a huge downsizing to my wardrobe. I’m currently in the process of selling items on Facebook and at Maxine’s on Main, a wonderful consignment store in Osage to make a little money and reduce.



My loft is five feet wide to fit a queen-sized bed. My bed won’t have a box spring; it will just be a mattress. I’m going to have storage at the head of my bed, which will also be the chase for ventilation from the mechanical space in the bathroom. You’ll notice I have a wall mounted TV. This television is going to be a swivel bracket so I can also watch it in bed, instead of getting a second TV.


One unique thing about my floor plan is I have a normal residential door across from my entry door I’m calling my “back” door. The only reason the back door is there is because I don’t really know where this house will be in the future. Having that second door allows more flexibility for a porch addition. The front door will always be the front door, but who knows which door will have a better view for a porch. This door allows that flexibility to have the porch at the front or back door.

So that’s the overall look at my home! When you break it down, I hit all the major things needed for a single gal living alone. I’d love to hear what you would or wouldn’t need if you lived in a tiny house. What would you do different if you lived little?


NIACC starts construction this week! First starting with framing the floor. Crazy exciting stuff! It’s been a lot of work with getting quotes from lumber companies, hiring an electrician and plumber, finishing an architectural drawing set, and communication with NIACC. I am so excited to see my drawing come to life and hope you’re just as excited to watch this project unfold!

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