The Little Kitchen

Today is a big day. I’m going to give you a tour of my tiny kitchen, but first I have kitchen related updates. My last few posts have gotten a lot of feedback of suggestions from friends and family. They mostly were design ideas about increasing my kitchen efficiency in the small space and more diverse cooking functions with fewer appliances. Going back to my first kitchen post about appliances, some things have changed. The biggest/most surprising change is I am scraping the microwave. When I lived in Europe, we didn’t have a microwave for the four months, and it was something I didn’t miss at all.  I have a microwave at work and that’s the main place I should need to reheat food.  At home I should cook fresh.  When you don’t have something, you learn to adapt. Adaption is the main theme of living little. Living on a bare minimum, which I am excited about.

A great suggestion I got from my friend Jess Baldus was to consider getting a Panini grill. Jess is the owner and operator of Taste, a wonderful restaurant in Osage. (If you’ve never gone, I suggest you make some life changes and get over there.) With a Panini grill, I can obviously make a grilled sandwich quickly, but I can also use it to grill meats and veggies in half time since there are burners on both sides. I’m not going to commit to this purchase quite yet, but will probably come along after a few months in the house.

Another appliance I never talked about is my ninja blender! I’ve had mine for over a few years and I love this thing. I can use it to puree soups, dice veggies, make personal sized smoothies, and even mix dough. There are three different connections so it’s versatile and super handy.

Enough about things, and more about THE thing! Here is a realistic rendering of what my kitchen is hopefully going to look like!

Little Kitchen Blog Pic

Those who know me well know my favorite color is black, gray, or white, and if I have to choose a “real” color, I choose lavender (a dull purple haha). The space being so small, monochromatic finishes is going to make it feel larger and the white reflects the natural light, brightening up the place. The white brick represents the subway tile I will be using for my back splash and accent texture on the wall. I am choosing to use dark wood as my other finish as it contrasts the white color to bring a little “drama” to the space.  I am playing with the idea of having two counter tops, one that is stationary, and one that hinges up and down to cover the stationary surface.  An update on that is to come once construction begins and I’m forced to make a decision.

The open shelves and hooks are to display/store my dishes and pans. The idea here is the more exposed, the more I will be forced to be tidy. The L shaped floor to ceiling cabinet wraps to the head of my bed in the loft area. This maximizes my storage space and takes away from wasted space that was left in the loft space. This text overlay below shows how I’m planning the storage of my kitchen appliances and food! I won’t know if I have enough storage until I’m actually in the space, meaning I will have to adapt.

Little Kitchen Labeling

I hope you’ve enjoyed the spread out three kitchen posts! If you have ideas or comments, I’d love to hear from you below! No idea is a bad idea and I enjoying seeing what other people can think of to solve the problems of a tiny space. An update to my construction timeline, NIACC building trades will begin construction in January of 2018! Once that happens, posts will be more frequent because I will have so much more to share and less to work on. Thanks for everyone’s support of my blog and interest in my project. I hope it’s as amazing as your support!!

4 Replies to “The Little Kitchen”

  1. Hey Cally! Love reading your posts. I can’t recall, will your tiny home be on wheels? If so, I was thinking about how the glasses on the open shelves might need securing if/when you’re on the move. Perhaps you’ve already thought about that! Keep up the good work!Mak 

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    1. Hey Mak! My home is actually going to be built on a wood foundation of a wooden skid! It will be moved by semi trailer similar a trailer home. But yes! I won’t put up any decorations or fill my house until it’s at it’s resting place, my parents place! When I move it after that, everything will have to be secured. Good catch! Thanks for reading 🙂


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